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Robert Upchurch (662) 453-6860
President robert@upchurchplumbing.com

Mike Upchurch (662) 453-6860
Vice President mike@upchurchplumbing.com

David Upchurch (662) 453-6860 Ext.17
Treasurer david@upchurchplumbing.com

David has been with Upchurch Plumbing for over 25 years. He performs some project management, but mainly works on the day to day operation of the business and works with the project managers in the field to resolve any problems and or issues.

Cindy Hawkins (662) 453-6860
Office Manager cindyh@upchurchplumbing.com

Scott Upchurch (662) 453-6860 Ext.21
Estimater scott@upchurchplumbing.com

Scott has been with Upchurch Plumbing, Inc. since 1989 and has served as a project manager and estimator.

Cindy Mitchell (662) 453-6860 Ext.27
Administrative Assistant cindym@upchurchplumbing.com

Cindy has been with Upchurch Plumbing for 36 years working in all aspects of accounting, job cost,  and estimating.

Terry Green (662) 418-6911
Project Manager greenterry@bellsouth.net

Project Manager for the Eastern Central Mississippi area.

Tommy Graves (601) 939-2406
Project Manager tommy@upchurchplumbing.com

Project Manager for the Central Mississippi area.

Rhyine Long (662) 453-6860
Project Manager rlong@upchurchplumbing.com

Project Manager for the Delta & North Mississippi area.

Nathan Mordecai (662) 746-5543
Assistant Project Manager nathan@upchurchplumbing.com


Amanda Reeder (601) 939-2406 Ext.
Mechanical & Plumbing Coordinator amanda@upchurchplumbing.com




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